Calgary Hypnosis Therapy and Academy. Advanced Hypnosis

Many of the top hypnotherapist listed and working in Western Canada and internationally have taken their training in Advanced Hypnotherapy here at the Calgary Hypnosis Academy.

This is the Very Best Hypnotherapy Training for the Full Basic through Advanced Hypnotherapy course.

Full International Certification with the N.G.H. National Guild of Hypnotists.

This training is also recognized as a certified training facility by the Professional Board of Hypnotherapy Inc. (International) Approved Hypnosis Training Schools

Upcoming Calgary Class

Next class, tentativly scheduled for early May , 2025. Book now to reserve a spot.

Contact me about the upcoming course or click on the information below. Class openings are limited so sign up soon.

Do you want to learn how to help people?

Learn how to help people resolve life long issues and emotions so that they feel healthier in mind and body.

You can help them take back their lives, eliminate anxieties, phobias, depression, stress, control their overeating and stop unwanted habits.

Become a National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Consulting Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist.

Consider a career in Hypnosis

On this course you will learn the many facets of hypnosis with actual hands on sessions training. You will be able to use these new skills immediately and help people to change their lives. You can work from a commercial office or your home and set your own hours.

Your emotional returns from this career will be unsurpassed.


Calgary Hypnosis Academy Graduates List

For more information on Hypnosis Training phone 403-816-2671 or e-mail enquiries contact

What students say about the training!

Dr. Dave Sinha

Not only was the course informative, well-organized, well-presented and practical – there were many opportunities for discussion about a myriad topics, each broached by Wally with sensitivity, a depth of experience, and honesty. Regardless of how esoteric the discussion, Wally was ever simple, clear and penetrated to the heart of the issue.

Carla Pole

when you observe a teacher at work, it almost seems to me that the ones who really love what they are doing, the ones who have full confidence in the material that they are teaching, invite you into a "world." Thus is Hypnosis and Wally. A wonderful teacher, enthusiast, and now someone I can call friend. He lead our class into the most amazing discoveries and truths about Hypnosis.

Gail Moro

If you are thinking of taking a course in hypnosis, STOP THINKING and don’t look any further for instructors! This course was the most amazing life changing course I have ever taken! You often read, “this course will change your life” and then take the course to be disappointed. After this course, your life WILL…

Marshal Michaluk

I have been in the fire and ambulance service for 29 years and I found Wally Muller’s course valuable and enjoyable. I have taken scores of courses over the years and found that I learn easier and remember more when the course is both enjoyable and stress free for all the students. Wally takes time…

Mary E. Olivier

Before attending The Calgary Hypnosis Academy I was somewhat skeptical about taking training in hypnosis, mostly because I did not know enough about it. I called numerous hypnosis training centers and finally connected with Wally. He answered all my questions with warmth and an interest that convinced me I had found the right person to…

Debbie Korzeniowski

Wally is able to bring the material to life in such a way that you just want to keep learning and not break at the end of each day. He provides ample time to acquire and review the theory such that you have full comfort and confidence of mastery. Additionally, he allows for the right…

Tom Gillis

Dear Wally, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you again for the excellent training. Since taking your course I’ve been working with several clients using various types of hypnosis. I’ve utilized the training you provided in regards to both script and regression techniques. The course provided me everything I needed…