Lisa Munroe

You provided hypnosis to me last year for fear of flying. When I came to you, my concerns were anxiety leading up to a flight, serious anxiety on the day of flying and a very uncomfortable flying experience in the air. I just travelled with my family for Spring Break so this was going to be the test. I have to tell you, my experience was remarkably different and a much better experience for not only me, but my family. I experienced zero anxiety leading up to the flight, which in the past would come on 1-2 weeks prior and I boarded the plane with ease. I was actually able to enjoy the flight!  I can’t thank you enough!!

A few years ago you hypnotized me for fear of flying, I believe I sent you a message telling you how successful it was. However, I just couldn’t help but tell you again how relaxed a flyer I am now. I just returned from a New York, Bahamas vacation with my family and I actually enjoyed the flights. At one point, I was a little bored so thought to myself “I don’t mind a few bumps just to make things interesting”. At this moment in time, I thought “who am I”. At the first onset of turbulence, which I was always so fearful of, my girls look at me to see if my knuckles are white and my jaw in clenched but they now see me perfectly OK. In the past, I would have two glasses of wine as quick as they could bring it to me! I still love wine on a plane but I now sip it rather than skull it and it compliments my cheese tray. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve changed our travel experience completely. Kind regards,