Gail Moro

If you are thinking of taking a course in hypnosis, STOP THINKING and don’t look any further for instructors!

This course was the most amazing life changing course I have ever taken! You often read, “this course will change your life” and then take the course to be disappointed. After this course, your life WILL be changed and more importantly your thoughts toward your life will be changed!

Since I have taken Wally’s course, I have taken numerous other hypnosis courses in Canada and the United States and I can now say that Wally is one of the Best of the Best instructors in the field. Not only does he know his stuff, he shares ALL his knowledge with you and does not hold anything back so you do not have to take another course at a later date and pay more for it. The material Wally teaches is bound and print, well organized, and professionally presented. As a bonus, we had lots of time for practice and discussions. He truly cares about everyone and is one of the greatest mentor’s I know.

After his course, if you have any questions, you can contact Wally anytime and he will respond within hours! He is there for you and truly passionate about helping all his graduates succeed in helping others. When you graduate, Wally welcomes you to attend any of his future basic through advanced courses free of charge.

Wally has not only become my mentor and teacher, he has become a good friend in which I am truly blessed.

Thank You Wally for encouraging me to take your course and for helping me change my life.

Gail Moro