Dr. Dave Sinha

Learning hypnosis with Wally changed my life and is truly the most amazing therapy I have come across and can now offer to others. Growing up in an Indian family I was raised with stories of the potentials of human consciousness. Personal meditation led me to realize that healing can emerge from self-knowledge. In my professional life as a physician I would observe how disease often was a manifestation of the deepest unresolved issues in consciousness. What I was seeking was a way to apply a therapy that merged the depth of meditation with psychological insight into the origins of suffering in a way that it could be offered to patients.

As destiny would have it I attended a friend’s graduation to be called up on stage as part of a hypnosis show. I was in stunned by the power of the experience and for the first time grasped the immense therapeutic potential of hypnosis. By coincidence a number of patients, specifically police officers, shared that they had benefited through hypnosis for conditions that had been refractory to many other modalities. My curiosity was piqued. I learned of Wally, who the officers described as an almost mythical martial arts master, who healed through the mind – a sort of hybrid of Bruce Lee and Master Yoda!

I found Wally’s website and contacted him. He was warm, humble and intensely passionate about hypnosis. He patiently answered my many questions, with depth and sincerity and I knew I had found a real gem.

I proceeded to attend the course which was truly the best course I have ever attended. Not only was the course informative, well-organized, well-presented and practical – there were many opportunities for discussion about a myriad topics, each broached by Wally with sensitivity, a depth of experience, and honesty. Regardless of how esoteric the discussion, Wally was ever simple, clear and penetrated to the heart of the issue. More than a mere study, the course enabled a deep paradigm shift and many additional resources including some addressing various aspects of the process of creating a hypnosis practice. We learned the history, theory and practice of the art of hypnosis. We had opportunities to apply and witness the skills we were learning. There were ample moments for questions and reflection.

Wally has also been gracious in encouraging students to follow up with questions and for guidance. He is available by phone, and remains connected to students through e-mails on a regular basis. I have found this process incredibly valuable and have found his continued mentorship indispensable.

Practicing hypnosis, I leave every case with a sense of awe and tremendous gratitude. The practice of hypnosis challenges me with problem solving and critical thinking, enriching my personal life through reflection and insight, and most of all, has united my greatest passions, consciousness and service to others. Each opportunity to practice hypnosis brings new and deeper experiences. Witnessing love overcoming lifetimes of pain, the dawning of wisdom, and heart-wrenching catharsis – all guided by an inherent wisdom – I leave every hypnosis session with a sense of wonder, and humility, feeling fortunate that I was able to be a part of something so profound.

I recommend the study of hypnosis with Wally, to all those seeking self-knowledge, service to others and a journey through the mind and heart into the depths of the soul.

Dr. Dave Sinha MD