Hi Wally, Thank you so much for my session today. This is what I have been searching for, this has it on every level! For me I’ve always known that there is a technique that fully encompasses the mind, body and soul I just can’t believe I’ve finally found it. Even more so that I’ve always known many issues manifest in the physical body. To have relief in my neck is unbelievable especially because I didn’t even come to you for that reason. My session today was mind blowing, to actually get to that state and feel complete freedom on a level I’ve never been too and have that release is so powerful. Also to have the physical pain in my abdomen as to where it has been stored and then it just disappeared is crazy. Hypnotherapy addresses all of the answers I have been searching for, truly a life changing experience. I know my mission in this life time has always been too help people and I’ve wanted to help them on more then, just one level, this is it! I know the Universe works in mysterious ways, I am so ready to start this next step and phase in my journey. What you do for people Wally is life changing I can see why you love it so much. I can’t wait to start changing lives one person at a time! Thank you for being the catalyst and truly making the world a better place :)