Advanced Hypnosis

Calgary Hypnosis Academy (Training Centre)

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Our hypnosis clinic is dedicated to helping you permanently eliminate the feelings and emotions listed below including P.T.S.D., Anxiety, Depression, Phobias and Addictions.

Truly answer these questions for yourself.

  • Do you dislike who or what you see in the mirror?
  • Do you have trouble breathing or the smoking habit?
  • Is your stomach usually upset or are you always tired?
  • Do you get bad headaches or sometimes just feel glum or ho hum?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping or are you in pain most of the time?
  • Do you have trouble being with or talking to people?
  • Do you have trouble studying, writing exams or concentrating?
  • Are there some things that really scare you?
  • Do you feel sad or angry most of the time?

Many of these things have medical and psychological names and they are all connected to emotions in your subconscious.

We are dedicated to the total elimination of these powerful negative feelings. This will happen for you through advanced hypnosis/hypnotherapy at our clinic.