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Hi Wally, Thank you so much for my session today. This is what I have been searching for, this has it on every level! For me I've always known that there is a technique that fully encompasses the mind, body and soul I just can't believe I've finally found it. Even more so that I've always known many issues manifest in the physical body. To have relief in my neck is unbelievable especially because I didn't even come to you for that reason. My session today was mind blowing, to actually get to that state and feel complete freedom on a level I've never been too and have that release is so powerful. Also to have the physical pain in my abdomen as to where it has been stored and then it just disappeared is crazy. Hypnotherapy addresses all of the answers I have been searching for, truly a life changing experience. I know my mission in this life time has always been too help people and I've wanted to help them on more then, just one level, this is it! I know the Universe works in mysterious ways, I am so ready to start this next step and phase in my journey. What you do for people Wally is life changing I can see why you love it so much. I can't wait to start changing lives one person at a time! Thank you for being the catalyst and truly making the world a better place :)

Hello Wally... I don't know if any of your clients give you a follow up ... but this client is going to! First off ... if I was a wealthy woman I would see you every couple of months! You are truly such a nice gentle and caring man ... you do your job beautifully! I am so pleased I saw you. I am the one who had a fear of going to the doctor ... funny that a nurse would have this fear ... but it's true! I made the appointment for my physical just a few days after seeing you ... as promised ... but I made the appointment with no fear. I went today and will continue to do the various tests that are ordered ... with little fear. But please believe me ... had I not met you and experienced your kindness and dedication ... I would never have made THE CALL. Thank you so much Wally ... what a lucky wife you have and what lucky children you have.


Hi Wally,
You provided hypnosis to me last year for fear of flying. When I came to you, my concerns were anxiety leading up to a flight, serious anxiety on the day of flying and a very uncomfortable flying experience in the air. I just travelled with my family for Spring Break so this was going to be the test. I have to tell you, my experience was remarkably different and a much better experience for not only me, but my family. I experienced zero anxiety leading up to the flight, which in the past would come on 1-2 weeks prior and I boarded the plane with ease. I was actually able to enjoy the flight!  I can’t thank you enough!!
Lisa Munroe


2015 - Hi Wally,

A few years ago you hypnotized me for fear of flying, I believe I sent you a message telling you how successful it was. However, I just couldn’t help but tell you again how relaxed a flyer I am now. I just returned from a New York, Bahamas vacation with my family and I actually enjoyed the flights. At one point, I was a little bored so thought to myself “I don’t mind a few bumps just to make things interesting”. At this moment in time, I thought “who am I”. At the first onset of turbulence, which I was always so fearful of, my girls look at me to see if my knuckles are white and my jaw in clenched but they now see me perfectly OK. In the past, I would have two glasses of wine as quick as they could bring it to me! I still love wine on a plane but I now sip it rather than skull it and it compliments my cheese tray. I can’t thank you enough. You’ve changed our travel experience completely. Kind regards,
Lisa Munroe


Read Jeff McGinn’s incredible story of how regression hypnosis to cause eliminated his pain and suffering.  After 2 years of unsuccessful medical treatments including surgeries Jeff is now a firm believer in the incredible power of hypnotic regression therapy.   PDF link to Jeff’s letter


Wally, it took a couple years since my session with you, but here I am.....1.10 with the horse I bought last year.  No tears, no fears and I am ready to go bigger!!  Thank you ever so much for allowing my passion for riding and jumping to be realized again.



Chloe is 5 years old and suffered from severe anxiety every time that she needed to do something new or transition to an environment where she was away from her parents. She described this anxiety as 'the feeling' and, although we worked with her to learn coping techniques such as deep breathing and positive imaging, the feeling still came upon her regularly in these situations and she would shake and cling, sometimes going into what I would call a full anxiety attack. This 'feeling' didn't only happen in new situations, but reoccurred daily when it came time to head into school for her kindergarten class. This meant that a lot of preparation was involved on a daily basis to prepare for activities (especially new situations). It was sad to see her so filled with worry.

We decided to try hypnosis with Chloe and Wally felt that she was a good candidate because she was clearly able to identify 'the feeling'. Of course, when we attended the session, Chloe took quite a while to adjust to the new environment and to relax enough that she was able to participate in the session. We made sure that Chloe brought her comfort items with her (a bear and a blankie) and Wally showed a great deal of patience with her allowing her time to adjust and making changes to his normal procedure so that she would feel comfortable (I was able to sit outside the door where she could talk to me through the door if she called out). Eventually Chloe and Wally were able to complete the Hypnotherapy session. Chloe no longer has 'the feeling' which is wonderful for her and for us! She does still get nervous and have anxious moments, but these feelings are no longer overwhelming and she is able to use coping techniques such as breath control to overcome them. We are so happy that she is able to relax more and just enjoy life!
Ken and Rebecca


My name is Maz and I live in Airdrie with my husband and children.


We moved to Canada with our four children from England in 2005.  Shortly after I found out I was expecting our fifth child.  This was great until I found out that the baby was transverse (hammock style) with no intention of moving. At around ten weeks to go to delivery the baby was still in the same position.  Reading on the internet I found this was the least likely of positions for a baby to move.  The midwives were talking of a hospital (I hate hospitals) visit for a manipulation.  Up until this point the baby hardly moved at all.


I was frightened of the whole situation, especially the thought of having a c-section.  I was willing to try anything.  At this point hypnotherapy was suggested to me.  I was very skeptical about this, but at this point I was prepared to try anything.  From the moment I met Wally Muller I felt at ease, despite me being very much a control freak.  He explained that this would only work if I wanted it to and that I would be in control at all times.  During my time with Wally he coached me on my breathing and had me visualize things, which had me more and more relaxed with each breath.  Throughout all of this I was very aware of my surroundings and felt very comfortable.  One of my biggest fears was that I would not be able to cope with a fifth child and this was the first time I had realized how under pressure I felt.  I felt so uninhibited that I could have told Wally my life story, had he been able to spare several hours yet this was the first time we had met.


Upon leaving the hypnosis session I really felt as if I could take on the world.  I was relaxed and confident, but very surprised at how effective this had been.  Two days later I went for a midwife appointment and discovered that the baby had turned head down.  I felt a huge sense of relief and happiness.


I would not hesitate being hypnotized by Wally again.


In 2004 I was incorrectly diagnosed with a myriad of health problems including heart disease and cancer.  I was subjected to many tests, given medications I did not need, and suffered emotionally as a result.  Although follow up tests with other medical professionals confirmed my health was in fact normal, I suffered significant anxiety as a result.  I approached Wally for help with these issues knowing he used hypnosis to help people deal with many different problems.  Although I was a little nervous to open up about what happened to me, Wally quickly put me at ease with his gentle and relaxed approach.  He listened to my story without judgment, and used his considerable experience with hypnosis to address the underlying causes of my anxiety.  After this first session I noticed a marked improvement with my anxiety.   To this date, nearly two years later, I am virtually anxiety free, and feel better than I have in a long time.  Wally is a professional, caring hypnosis practitioner who is a credit to his profession.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help in dealing with certain personal problems. “

                                                                                      Mike, Calgary


Anonymous, Calgary


I found Wally Muller to be a man of marked empathy and integrity. I went to Wally for help to resolve some of the issues arising from a turbulent childhood and a troubled youth, as these issues were tending to impact on my family. These issues I found very difficult to face and Wally was very helpful. I would have absolutely no reservation in recommending some one who is haunted by issues from the past to seek help from Wally. I am also aware from my work that people with multiple personalities can show different physical symptoms in different personalities. The power of the mind is absolutely incredible. Consequently there is tremendous scope to incorporate a psych/spiritual component in the area of physical healing as well as in the mental area, and I think that Wally could be very helpful to anyone who is interested in exploring the psycho/spiritual dimension of healing.


I smoked for 31 years. I tried numerous methods to quit. Each time I was cranky like my last nerve was being rubbed over a vegetable grater. I ate compulsively and acted like a martyr in training. Wally hypnotized me and I haven't had a cigarette since. I'm thrilled with the results, I've had no overwhelming cravings, am not eating continuously and I'm only normal cranky. Whatever method Wally uses, works.


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