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Please remove contact lenses before the session. They may inhibit your ability to completely relax. Please use the bathroom before the session as that may also inhibit relaxation.


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I hereby authorize, Wally Muller, to hypnotize or use guided imagery with me for the purposes outlined in (reasons for coming for hypnosis/guided imagery) and for any future purposes I request.


I understand that the results of my hypnosis/guided imagery depend greatly on my own ability to relax and the desire to create change.


I understand that the result(s) achieved from my session(s) depends greatly on my serious participation.


I understand that hypnosis/guided imagery is not a medical or psychological procedure.


I am aware and trust that Wally Muller will do everything reasonable in his power to ensure my success.


I understand that the hypnosis/guided imagery sessions will be audio or video recorded for any follow up session's, continuity or training and all sessions are completely confidential.


Wally Muller does not offer any guaranties as to the success of my sessions(s).