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Hypnotherapy Session Rates


 All hypnotherapy and hypnosis will be done in two sessions,
each lasting approximately 60 to 90 plus minutes.

Occasionally a third session may be required


Results achieved through hypnosis depend greatly on the client’s

serious participation and their true desire to create positive life lasting change.


All session rates are subject to GST.
GST number 84546 2886 RT0001


Two sessions paid individually $175.00 + GST each


If both sessions are paid for at the first session

      the price is reduced to $300.00 + GST for both sessions.


A $50.00 credit card deposit by phone or e-mail is required

to confirm your session times. 48 hours notice must be given if you have decided not to come for your scheduled hypnosis sessions.  Your deposit will be refunded in that case.


Please note regarding cancellation or rescheduling your sessions; 

Because other people’s sessions could be booked in your time slot

24 hour notice must be given if you are going to cancel or reschedule your session. If you cancel your second session the original single session

rate of $175.00 + GST will applied to your first session

and reflect on your refund.


If both sessions have been paid for at the first session and

 you fail to attend the second scheduled session with out the 24 hour notice there will be no refund.  A make-up session will cost $100.00 + GST


Other hypnosis and guided imagery


Past life regression Cost $175.00 + GST


 Instruction in Self Hypnosis available in one session.

Individual session - Cost $150.00 + GST

Group instruction - Cost $75.00 per person minimum 3 attendees


Guided imagery for sports enhancement,

concentration for studying and learning

will be done in as many sessions as requested.

1st  session - $150.00 + GST

Additional sessions - $125.00 + GST



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